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Register/Getting Started with "LPL My Account View"

In order to access your LPL Accounts and statements, or the financial planning software known and "WealthVision, you should be receiving an email with “Myaccountview” in the address. (If you are just starting our in our relationship and you haven't received this yet, please ask and we are happy to set this up). This email will contain the invitation to activate your registration for LPL’s “My Account View.” This site will allow you to access monthly LPL statements and set preferences for e-Delivery. You will also access the financial planning software known as "WealthVision." 

When you receive the email, please click on "Activate AccountView Profile" 

On the "Complete Site Registration" page, your user name will be your e-mail address (unless otherwise told). On the "Validate User Information" Screen, you will need to enter the last 4 digits of your social security number (or Tax ID#), on of your LPL account numbers and your Zip or Postal Code to complete registration. Next you will select a p0assword that is 8-20 characters, no spaces, no more than 3 of the same characters in a row, and at least 3 of the 4 following characteristics:

  • 1 upper case letter,
  • 1 lower case letter,
  • 1 number,
  • 1 special character 

Once you click submit on your password, you will need to accept the terms and complete the registration process, and click on "Agree."

When you get to the home screen of “My Account View”, you should see an option to the right that has green font that says, "Go Paperless." Feel free to review the preferences you have set for e-delivery vs. paper on your communications from LPL.

You should also see a menu across the top of the screen with blue letters on the tabs. Towards the right side of the menu, you should see a green dollar sign with the word, “WealthVision” next to it. Please click on that. That will take you into the home screen of the financial planning software and you should see another menu across the top with blue letters. To access the reports we may be discussing during your strategy and tactical meetings, please click on “Reports” towards the middle of the top of the screen. That will take you to the “balance sheet” and if you click on the drop down arrow to the right, you can change the report to view other reports. If you scroll down, you will see “cash flow” report which shows total inflows, outflows and portfolio assets. You will likely recognize this as on of the main focal points during our financial planning discussions. 

To review the facts that we have entered, please scroll down past “Balance Sheet” and click under “Fact Summary” and you can click on the fact specific report, such as the “Liabilities and Expense Summary” to see what the expenses are that we have entered that may need updated. You will also want to look at the “Property Summary” to see the income and expenses associated with the actual property itself if you have a 2nd home or rental.

Also, if you want to send us documents securely, instead of clicking on “reports,” along the top blue menu, you can click on “vault” and then click on “shared documents." This allows you to upload anything you’d like in a secure fashion. This way, you never have to risk sending it over email. Please be sure to click on the “shared documents” folder first so that the “upload files” button will turn blue and allow you to actually upload a file.

You may notice another file folder named, “My Private Documents.” This is a folder where you can access encrypted online storage but choose not to share those documents with us. We don’t have access to that folder, so some people upload deeds there, passports, drivers’ licenses, etc. and we’ve even heard clients add their paint color names there.

Albridge, otherwise known as "Albridge"

This website allows you to go online 24/7 and view all of your accounts with IntegriGen Wealth Management in one place. If you have any accounts at any other custodians, (such as Pershing), LPL's "My Account View" won't reflect those accounts, so this site provides a comprehensive list of all of those accounts in addition to your LPL accounts. It provides information about the current values (Holdings by Investor) report and past performance (Comparative Holdings by Investor) report.

To register for the website, please ask us to send you an invite if we haven't already.  You will receive two emails from " with one containing your access code in the body of the email. The following language will be in the other email: 

Your advisor has invited you to access Wealth Reporting and Insights (WRI). Please click the link below to accept the invitation. If the URL does not work, please copy and paste it into your browser. You will be required to register, create an account, and complete the initial setup as instructed below. Please note that you will be prompted for an access code, which will be sent in a separate email. 1. After you click the URL, choose the 'Investor' option. 2. Enter your SSN/TIN and access code. 3. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the User Agreement and Personal Information sections. Thank You.

When you log in for the first time, you will see the portfolio: “Combined Account Portfolio” in the top line. Please understand that the accounts displayed are only your combined accounts at all of the various custodians/financial institutions, (Pershing, LPL, Annuity Companies, etc) of which we are the rep of record for you. Please note that if you are married or have another investor in your household, you have to change the report from the “Combined Account Portfolio” to include this other individual. To do so, you click on the drop down arrow to the right of “Combined Account Portfolio.” There should be another portfolio to choose that says, “Smith Family” or “Jim and Jane” that you can choose to view both of your accounts under one, “Holdings by Investor” report. Click "Preview" or "Export PDF” after choosing the other portfolio to display the entire household’s accounts. If you do not see another option for a household portfolio underneath “Combined Account Portfolio”, please call or email us as we can create one for you.

To view your performance over any period of time, please click on the drop down arrow to the right and scroll down from "Holdings by investor" and scroll down to "comparative holdings by investor." (You do this by scrolling down to the performance section of the reports). Then under the section for the "date," you can select any time period you'd like, even an exact start date to an exact end date. Then click, "Preview" or "Export PDF."

If you want to register yourself, you can visit: recommend that you immediately save this log-in screen to your browser favorites so that you don’t have to look it up again.

First, click on the "Registration" button on the login screen and the following will appear:

 At the Registration page, enter your Social Security number, with *no* dashes or spaces between numbers.

Then, enter the Client Temp Password: welcomeyou

Hit the "Next" button to submit this form. Next, review the User Agreement, and hit the "Accept" button to proceed to the next step.

At Registration Process: Step 1 of 2, set your Username and Password. Each can be any combination of capital and lower case letters and/or numbers, but should contain no spaces and must be at least 10 characters total. Choose a username and password which are easy to remember, but which are not so obvious that they can be easily guessed (e.g. your initials). It's a good idea to write them both down somewhere, in case you forget them later.

Please enter all the required fields of your personal information. The information that you entered will be secure and protected from third party viewing. Please make sure to accurately enter your information. The information will allow me to forward you printed and/or e-mail statements. It will also help you retrieve a lost or forgotten password. You will need your username to request the "forgot password" tool. Then, the system will immediately send your password to your e-mail account.

After you complete the registration process, we will receive an Investor Registration Notification e-mail. This e-mail will inform me that you have been successfully registered and that you are requesting immediate activation. I will approve you as soon as possible and an Approval Notification e-mail will be automatically sent to inform you that your logon is now active.

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