Divorce Planning Assistance

Samantha Fraelich-Rohe, one of the managing partners of IntegriGen Wealth Management was raised by a single mother after her parents divorced at 10. She watched her mother struggle to support her three children after the divorce because she didn't have any professional help with a plan prior to or during the divorce process. As a child, Samantha felt helpless, but as an adult, Samantha gains a sense of purpose from being able to help other women the way she couldn't help her own mother. She helps them towards finding answers to questions such as:

  • What assets are most attractive to try to keep given my goals?
  • Can I afford to stay in the home after the divorce?
  • Is an income (alimony) stream more attractive than up-front assets now?
  • Is a lump-sum payout now from retirement/pension plans better than a future income stream at retirement age?'
  • Can I afford to help my children with college after the divorce?
  • Can I afford to retire without a spouse?

Feel free to utilize any of the additional resources in this section if you are going through or contemplating a divorce. Samantha can help with additional hand-holding throughout this difficult and transitional period in your life.

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