Widow/Widower Assistance

When we lose someone we love, it can be difficult to handle everything that follows. In addition to the grief and loss we feel, there is often an overwhelming amount of paperwork, tasks, and decisions that need to be addressed. All of this comes at a time when our brains may feel "foggy" and forgetful because we are trying to deal with the emotional side of our loss as well. Because of this, grief can make it harder for us to feel confident about our decision-making during this time.

Client Centered

Samantha helps women prioritize which financial decisions must be faced immediately, and which can wait until they are further along in the healing process. This is important since our brains function differently while we are grieving. Just remembering why you walked into a room can be challenging right after a loss, let alone handling the estate and other financial issues that we often have no experience in until we lose someone we love. Samantha will patiently hold your hand throughout this process and helps towards reducing stress for you whenever possible. She often attends meetings with your attorney and/or CPA to try to help handle as much of the heavy lifting as possible for the grieving person. From personal experience, Samantha understands that everyone's grieving process is different and she meets you wherever you are in that process.

Samantha was raised by a single mother and has witnessed the effects of divorce and grief first-hand.

As a child, Samantha wished she could have helped her mother more, so she is now passionate about helping women facing many types of stressful life events. In 2016, Samantha lost her 63 yr old father, grandfather, and 28 yr old cousin all within a very small period of time and the grief was almost overwhelming. She can sympathize and understand why people tend to need more hand-holding and patience during this challenging time. 

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