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Financial Planning Resources & Documents

If you have discussed financial planning with us and are ready to do your homework, we have provided some documents and instructions below that should help with the process. Please be sure to also visit our disclosures page that contains information about our broker dealer, licenses and all other required disclosure information. (

Financial Plan Fact Finder & Document List

If you would like to start the financial planning process with us, please complete the below Financial Plan Fact Finder. Please note that not all sections will apply to everyone, so feel free to leave any sections that don’t apply to your financial situation blank. If any section confuses you or you aren’t sure how to complete it, please feel free to call us or just fill in a question mark (?) so we know that section DOES apply to you even if you are unsure how to complete it. This way, we can follow up with you in regard to that information. When you send this file back to us completed whether it is electronic or hard copy, please be thoughtful about the manner in which you return it to us as it will have sensitive personal identifying information in the document. We are happy to send you a secure email to reply to with attachments once you have everything completed; just let us know.

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Living Expenses Worksheets

This worksheet helps us identify what your annual/recurring, and future/one-time expenses are to create your cash flow reports in the financial plan. If there is a category you are unsure about, please leave it blank and fill out as much as you can and we can help you complete it. We advise you to overestimate instead of underestimating as we prefer to plan from a more conservative standpoint in the future. If you do not provide your expenses to us in this format, please note that the cost of the plan may be increased.

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Economic Policy Institute Family Budget Calculator

This website allows you to type in your Zip Code (or City/State) and the number of adult (or children) members in your household to help you figure out the average cost of living in your area. While these numbers are by no means what you should automatically assume for your own expenses, it can be a good tool to see if there are any major differences to your own calculations and the average in your area. It may help you identify if you are missing certain expenses or if your numbers may need adjustment.

Information and interactive calculators are made available to you as self-help tools for your independent use and are not intended to provide investment, tax, or legal advice.  We cannot and do not guarantee their applicability or accuracy in regards to your individual circumstances.  All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes.  We encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues

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Financial Planning Contract

This document details what process both we as your advisor and you as our clients are agreeing to enter into together. It details the specific areas you'd like us to address as well as lists out the responsibilities of each party. 

First, please fill in todays date on the top line.
Next, check off any applicable boxes for the areas of financial planning that you would like us to address. If you were quoted a flat rate by Brad and Samantha, please check that box and fill in the dollar amount that you were quoted. Do not worry about filling in any hourly rate or estimated hours. 
You will enter that same flat fee dollar amount two more times towards the bottom of the first page. Please initial next to the last line that indicates you are paying a “Flat Planning/Consulting Fee." 

Page 5 of the agreement is where you will fill in your Name, Address and then sign/date next to “Client Signature.” We will list ourselves as the “IAR names” and sign there after we receive your signed copy. 

If you’d like to pay by check, please write a check payable to “Maryland Financial Group” for whatever the flat rate that you were quoted. This check can be mailed to our office at: 


2600 Tower Oaks Blvd. Suite 220 

Rockville, MD 20852

Feel free to include a copy of your signed financial planning agreement if you don’t want to scan/email it back to us. 

If you’d prefer to pay via credit card, please fill out the below credit card authorization form, sign on page 2 and kindly scan/email it to Brad and/or Samantha. If you are paying a One Time Charge, next to “This payment is for” please fill in “12 mths Financial Plan w/Brad and/or Samantha” (whichever is applicable). 

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Financial Plan Credit Card Payment Authorization Form 

Use this form to pay your financial planning fee via a credit card. (We are a fan of this option if you can afford to pay it off when the bill comes since you have an opportunity to earn points on your credit cards.)

On the first page, you will only fill out the "One (1) Time Charge" section and next to “This payment is for” please fill in “12 mths Financial Plan w/Brad &/OR Samantha" (whichever is applicable) and then you can complete the billing information and sign on the 2nd page. Please only send us this document via secure email or your online WealthVision Vault. (We can send you a secure email to reply to if you don't have one, just ask us.

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Use this link to create a new account or login to This will allow you to access your most recent social security benefits statement and other pertinent information to your social security and Medicare questions. Please be sure to save your user name and password for this website to a secure place. This site will ask quite a few "LexisNexis" government verification questions in order to complete the registration. 


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