IntegriGen's Philosophy

What Makes IntegriGen Different

We are not salespeople or "stockbrokers" In fact, the word, "broker" almost make us cringe. Salespeople ask you to buy something. Consultants ask you to buy into something. Our clients don't focus on products, prices and performance. They have a relationship with our people, our practice and our process. 

Our clients value our panoramic and all-encompassing process that puts every piece of their financial puzzle together. We act as their Family CFOs for their financial lives. 

Client Centered

This is a very involved process that requires some up-front work on our clients' parts as well. We think this deep dive into a client's assets, liabilities, cash flow and tax situation is essential for us to be able to add value to the relationship. If a prospect isn't willing to engage in that process, we may not be the best fit for them. We believe this because investments are a commodity and you can buy those for yourselves anywhere. If a client is going to choose to engage with us as their advisor and pay a fee, we have to add value. That's why all of our relationships begin with forming a financial plan. The financial plan is the cornerstone of every decision we make together and it's where we start every tactical and strategy meeting.  It is the basis for all of our advice and what we believe should dictate the types of investments we recommend for each type of account. We hold strategy and tactical meetings with our clients where we address all these issues, starting with the financial plan on the screen. This is an essential and mandatory part of our process. 

We get the most fulfillment by helping our clients tune out the noise and focus on what really matters to them. We educate them so that they are in the best position to make informed decisions about their specific goals and objectives. When the markets are turbulent, they can remain more disciplined and weather the storm better because they know the plan has built these types of times into it and we have planned accordingly.  They don’t need to be reactive, because we are proactive in helping them to work towards their goals. This allows our clients to look to the future with anticipation instead of apprehension.

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