Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Engaging our services for a comprehensive financial plan can help answer questions such as:

  1. Can I retire earlier than 66 without running out of money?
  2. Should I take social security at full retirement age or delay until age 70?
  3. How much income will I need to draw from my portfolio when I retire?
  4. What is our maximum spending in retirement if we want to leave “x” amount to our children?
  5. Can we afford to take a big trip/vacation every year?
  6. What happens if my spouse predeceases me? Do we have enough assets or do we need more life insurance?
  7. What percentage return do I need from my assets in order to allow my portfolio to last through my life expectancy?
  8. What is the most tax efficient place in my portfolio to take the money we need to live off during retirement?
  9. Can we afford a 2nd home or a vacation home with all of the related expenses?
  10. Should I pay off my mortgage before retirement?
  11. How much can I afford to help pay for my children’s or grandchildren’s college?
  12. How will inflation and investment returns affect my ability to meet my goals?

When we engage in comprehensive financial planning, we begin with a deep discovery process to glean as much information as we possibly can. We’re goal oriented, so we learn what you wish to achieve and where you intend to be at the various stages in your life. Only after you've provided enough information about your finances, your savings and your intentions, do we then craft a comprehensive financial strategy for you.

We do the heavy lifting and detailed analysis in formulating your financial plan. We sit together and review the potential scenarios and provide a comprehensive projection as to whether or not you’re in line. Moving forward, we work with you as your partner to help keep you on the path to pursue the goals identified in the financial plan.

Please contact us to discuss the pricing of the financial plan since it varies depending on the level of complication of the plan.

To get started on a financial plan, please visit the Financial Planning Resources & Fact Finders section of our website.

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