Getting Online with LPL "My Account View" To Access Your Accounts

In order to access your LPL Accounts or the financial planning software known and "WealthVision, you should be receiving an email with “Myaccountview” in the address. This is the invitation to complete your registration for LPL’s “My Account View.” This is how you will access the financial planning software. Please note that your user name for registration is your e-mail address and everything is under your name and SS# for this sign-in. 

Once you accept the terms and complete the registration process, when you get to the home screen of “My Account View”, you should see a menu across the top of the screen with blue letters on the tabs. Towards the right side of the menu, you should see a green dollar sign with the word, “WealthVision” next to it. Please click on that. That will take you into the home screen of the financial planning software and you should see another menu across the top with blue letters. Please click on “reports” towards the middle of the top of the screen. That will take you to the “balance sheet” and if you click on the drop down arrow to the right, you can change the report to other reports. One you will recognize from our meeting is the “cash flow” report which shows total inflows, outflows and portfolio assets.

To review the facts that we have entered, please scroll down past “balance sheet” and click under “Fact Summary” and you can click on the fact specific report, such as the “Liabilities and Expense Summary” to see what the expenses are that we have entered that may need updated. You will also want to look at the “Property Summary” to see the income and expenses associated with the actual property itself (that was listed on your fact finder). I think we may be double counting certain utilities such as electric water, gas, etc. because you may have included that in your “total expenses” of $74,000.

Also, if you want to send us documents securely, instead of clicking on “reports,” you can click on “vault” and then click on “shared documents” and then upload anything you’d like in a secure fashion. This way, it never is being sent over email. Please be sure to click on the “shared documents” folder first so that the “upload files” button will turn blue and allow you to actually upload a file. You’ll notice another file folder named, “My Private Documents.” This is a folder where you can access encrypted online storage but choose not to share those documents with us. We don’t have access to that folder, so some people upload deeds there, passports, drivers’ licenses, etc. and we’ve even heard clients add their paint color names there.