Who IntegriGen Helps

  • Multigenerational clients/families
  • People who need guidance transitioning from work to retirement
  • Widow(er)s
  • Divorcees or those planning for a transition

We take pride in helping multigenerational clients. We believe managing your legacy starts with educating your children. Hence, we take great satisfaction in acting as a multigenerational financial advisor. We strive to assist the family members of our clients in any way that we can.

There is a unique dynamic that arises when advising multigenerational families. In many cases, we started working with clients whose grandchildren have since grown, are now entering the workforce, and have become clients themselves. We can balance the distribution needs of older generations with the accumulation needs of younger generations, all within the context of a single family.

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Those who are entering or experiencing a life transition…

Whether it's the death of a loved one or a divorce – people tend to need more hand-holding during difficult times. Samantha was raised by a single mother and has witnessed the effects of divorce and grief first-hand. As a child, Samantha wished she could have helped her mother more so she is now passionate about helping women facing many types of stressful life events.

People are faced with important decisions during and after a transition. Dealing with grief can make confident decision-making even more difficult. Samantha helps them prioritize which decisions must be faced immediately, and which can wait until they are further along in the healing process. She guides them through the process, and educates them on what’s important and why.

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